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Blog August 24, 2021

Why Do We Love Houston – August 2021

Sunrise Capital, as our readers will know, is actively pursuing acquisitions in Houston. Why do we love Houston? Multiple reasons – the mains ones are outlined below: With over 7.2 million people, Houston is the fifth largest metro in the country (after NYC, LA, Chicago and Dallas) and ranks second in population growth and net […]

Blog April 15, 2021

A Group Of Investors Acquires 316 Unit The Gallery at Katy Apartment Community In Katy Submarket Of Houston, Texas – April 2021

HOUSTON, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A group of investors, including Sunrise Capital Group, led by David Davidenko and Julia Bykhovskaia, and Merrill Kaliser, are pleased to announce their first acquisition in Katy/Houston submarket, The Gallery at Katy, a garden style 316 unit apartment complex built in 1983, located in an area with the average […]

Blog May 19, 2020

Multifamily Market Musings – May 2020 – May 2020

As we are going into a 3rd month of the global pandemic we wanted to offer some statistics and thoughts on what has been happening in the world of multifamily. Below are a few of our observations concerning the performance of multifamily as an asset class during COVID-19 crisis, current market activity and what the […]

Blog May 29, 2019

Deal and Fee Structure of Multifamily Syndications – May 2019

What is the typical deal structure of a multifamily syndication?   Let me qualify what kind of deals we are going to talk about here: non-institutional, private investor value-add syndicated deals with the deal size less than $50mm. Institutionally financed deals are a totally different ball game and we are not going to focus on […]

Blog March 21, 2019

Multifamily Performance During the Last Recession – March 2019

The question that we get from our investors often (and rightly so) is: “how did Multifamily, as an asset class, perform during the last recession in terms of the rent growth”?   The short answer: it outperformed.   More detailed answer: According to research recently published by CBRE, during the last recession of 2008-2009, Multifamily experienced negative […]

Multifamily Market Musings – May 2020
May 19, 2020
Deal and Fee Structure of Multifamily Syndications
May 19, 2020
Multifamily Performance During the Last Recession
May 19, 2020
The Rich Continue to Favor Real Estate as a Preferred Alternative Investment
May 19, 2020